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Essentials of Medical Terminology (3rd Edition) by Juanita J. Davies

By Juanita J. Davies

No past publicity to clinical phrases? No challenge! Designed for brief scientific terminology classes, this essentials-level studying source makes use of basic language you could comprehend. equipped through physique process, early chapters assist you study the root of scientific notice development with a uncomplicated research of clinical phrases, universal anatomical roots, suffixes, and prefixes. physique process chapters current anatomy and body structure, terminology, universal illnesses, pronunciation, and abbreviations

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Analyze, define, pronounce, and spell medical terms in this chapter 33 34 Part I Basic Medical Terminology INTRODUCTION You learned in Chapter 1 that suffixes are the first word parts to examine when analyzing a term. The most common suffixes are grouped into four sections in this chapter. In each section, you will find the suffix definition first, followed by examples of terms using the suffix. Each example is accompanied by a pronunciation guide, term analysis, and a definition. Make sure you know the pronunciation first.

Nephr/o 14. cyt/o 15. blephar/o 16. cili/o 17. rhin/o 18. splen/o 19. arteri/o 20. path/o 21. neur/o 22. abdomin/o 23. tonsill/o 24. myel/o 25. bi/o 26. trache/o 27. ophthalm/o 28. hepat/o Chapter 2 Roots of Each Body System 29. viscer/o 30. cephal/o Exercise 2-2 ROOTS Give the root for each of the following words. 1. armpit 2. head 3. nail 4. cartilage 5. skull 6. tendon 7. eye 8. small intestine 9. colon 10. tongue 11. ductus deferens 12. thyroid gland 13. vein 14. lung 15. chest 16. lymph vessels 17.

Anatomy is the study of the parts of the body. The names and locations of the muscles of the body exemplify anatomy. Physiology is the study of how the body parts work. Gas exchange at the alveolar-capillary membrane is an example of physiology. 2 Anatomy is the study of structure. Physiology is the study of function. Levels of Organization All life consists of microscopic living structures called cells, which perform various functions in the body. Regardless of their function, all cells are similar in structure.

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