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Environmental Economics

Executive Thoughts on Global Warming: Over 40 Views on What by Mitchell Levy

By Mitchell Levy

The booklet is an efficient number of the critiques of a few Silicon Valley company humans on "Global Warming". Many agree that the matter of worldwide warming is genuine whereas a number of argue that the level of the matter could have been overstated and that the measure to which humans are liable for worldwide warming isn't really but verified.

Minimizing the beneficiant white area in the course of the publication might have ended in a extra compact publication and might were in accordance with the topic of "minimization of assets" echoed through many respondents within the book.

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G. " 36 Chapter 5: Call to Action Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global "Global warming is serious and will accelerate due to rapid growth in China, India, and other developing nations. " Global Warming Executive Predictions 37 Jim O'Toole, Daniels Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver 38 "Global warming is real, and the question is no longer about its validity, but, now, what are we going to do about it. S. " Chapter 5: Call to Action Mark Rabkin, CEO, Closet Factory of Silicon Valley "Global warming is real.

But the CO2 that comes from burning fossil fuels comes in larger amounts than the planet can handle. It also comes with other surprises. There is more uranium and thorium waste produced in a coal-fired power plant than a nuclear plant of equivalent energy output uses as fuel. How's that for an argument in favor of nuclear energy? The costs of industrial production are going to increasingly include the environmental costs. The traditional producer was only concerned about getting unwanted stuff up the smokestack, out the drain pipe or into a dump.

Our planet is constantly going through change that man has no control of and it is controlled by something greater than man. Whether it is global warming or the beginning of the ice age our contribution is smaller than what is being published and suggested by those who are currently suggesting that we are in global warming and blaming it on man. The earth has many active volcanoes that could erupt at any moment; did man create the volcanoes and do volcanoes affect our atmosphere and environment?

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