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Experiments by Antonio Casale and Roger S. Porter (Auth.)

By Antonio Casale and Roger S. Porter (Auth.)

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The reaction is influenced by mercaptans, plasticizers, and the nature of the cross-links. Increases in rubber degradation in the presence of carbon black ( H A F ) and sulfur have been detailed [66]. 55 Low molecular weight SBR 1 None crumb 2 4 mill passes 3 4 4 11 5 20 6 30 7 50 92 8 Baranwal and Jacobs [50]. "In toluene, 25°C. c Percentage filtered out before GPC analysis. 3 Gel (%) c A. Elastomers 283 VI. Individual Polymers 284 Degradation reached a m a x i m u m at a concentration of 15% sulfur as measured by chloroform extraction tests [66].

25 Variation of Defo hardness with time using different peptizers in the mastication of nitrile rubber of medium nitrile content (Perbunan N 2818): (1) mixer, 150°C, no additives; (2) mixer, 130°C, no additives; (3) mill, 80°C, no additives; (4) mixer, 100°C, 2% Renacit V; (5) mixer, 150°C, 2% Renacit V; (6) mixer, 130 C, 2% Renacit V; (7) mill, 80 C, 2% Renacit V [82]. 13). These data show that at the beginning of mastication, degradation occurs at the branching points where the stress concentration is higher (a rapid decrease in K) then the attack of macroradicals on macromolecular chains can occur together with the scission reaction.

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