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Explore Ancient Egypt!: 25 Great Projects, Activities, by Carmella Van Vleet

By Carmella Van Vleet

From pyramids and mummies to temples and pharaohs, this artistic and fascinating reference explores what makes historic Egypt one among so much attention-grabbing civilizations of all time. Combining diagrams, evidence, and actions, this hands-on consultant is a enjoyable strategy to introduce teenagers to the marvelous, historic Egyptian global. either pleasing and academic, this task booklet gains 25 interactive tasks and games that use simply available fabrics and require little grownup supervision. actions contain creating a scarab necklace, making an Egyptian headrest, and taking part in khuzza lawizza (Egyptian bounce frog).   

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Tunic: a piece of clothing worn by ancient Egyptian men and women. amulet: a special charm that is worn or carried to give the owner protection. kohl: thick, black makeup worn around the eyes. Great Sphinx: a large, ancient Egyptian sculpture that looks like a lion with a man’s head. nemes: a head covering that pharaohs wore when they weren’t wearing their crowns. Ancient Egyptians wore perfume. Because they made it from beeswax or animal fat, their perfume was solid. They rubbed it on their bodies to smell good and to help protect their skin from the harsh desert climate.

Playtime Ancient Egyptians played many kinds of musical instruments. And many of these instruments are familiar to us today. They had flutes, trumpets, lyres, lutes, harps, bells, oboes, and rattles. They also archaeologist: someone who studies ancient cultures by looking played drums and even had an at artifacts. instrument that was like a guitar. artifact: a simple object like a tool from a culture or time period. Even though their instruments were similar to ones we have, we lyrics: words to songs.

Half of the strands Cover most of the felt with a layer should touch the part and go of glue, but leave to the left. The other half a thin line (about oneof the strands should touch quarter inch) down the the part and go to the middle of the circle free one piece right. of glue. This will be your of black felt, 8 by 11 inches wig’s part. 3 Supplies scissors lots of yarn glue wig 5 Keep adding strands until you’re happy with the wig’s thickness. Cut some shorter pieces of yarn to make bangs. Let the glue dry before putting on your wig.

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