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Food Systems Failure: The Global Food Crisis and the Future by Christopher Rosin, Visit Amazon's Paul Stock Page, search

By Christopher Rosin, Visit Amazon's Paul Stock Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Paul Stock, , Hugh Campbell

This e-book presents a severe evaluate of the modern worldwide nutrients method in gentle of the heightening nutrition quandary, as facts of its failure to accomplish meals safety for the world's inhabitants. A key element of this failure is pointed out within the neoliberal ideas which emphasize business efficiencies, commodity construction and unfastened trade-ideologies that underlie agricultural and meals regulations in what are often known as 'developed countries'.

The e-book examines either the contradictions within the international nutrients approach in addition to the consequences of current ideologies of creation linked to commodity business agriculture utilizing facts from suitable overseas case stories. The book's first part provides the context of the foodstuff hindrance with contributions from best overseas lecturers and foodstuff coverage activists, together with weather scientists, ecologists and social scientists. those contributions determine present contradictions in coverage and perform that bog down ideas to the nutrients quandary. Set inside of this context, the second one part assesses present stipulations within the international nutrients approach, together with fiscal viability, sustainability and productiveness. Case examine analyses of areas uncovered to neoliberal coverage on the creation finish of the procedure offer insights into either present demanding situations to feeding the realm, in addition to substitute techniques for making a extra simply and ethical meals procedure.

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Knitted together, these analyses establish features of the socio-ecological landscape which facilitate food provision in some places and among some people, while conspiring to constrain availability of, and access to, food elsewhere. The common theme in these chapters is the underlying failure of the current global food system and the need to pursue alternative perspectives and objectives as the means of achieving global food security. In the initial chapter of the first section, Agriculture and food systems: our current challenge, Jules Pretty draws on his extensive knowledge of food production systems, and experience with food governances to propose necessary solutions to the current failures of the global food system.

The outbreak of massive WTO protests in Seattle and Cancun during the collapse of the most recent round of world trade talks was initially interpreted as evidence of failure of the ability of the world’s nations to agree on world trade policies, particularly around food. After 2008, the political courage expressed as resistance to further trade liberalization became aligned with a wider sense of the failure of market solutions to pressing issues like hunger. It is worth noting that the upsurge in food prices and the fluctuating numbers of chronically hungry, vacillating somewhere between 800,000,000 and 1,200,000,000 people, did not constitute a ‘crisis’.

Food security. I. Rosin, Christopher J. (Christopher John) II. , III. 1--dc23 2011021896 ISBN: 978-1-849-71229-3 (hbk) CONTENTS List of figures and tables List of contributors Prologue: Food security – now is the future ROBERT T. : Historically reframing the problem of world hunger and its purported solutions HUGH CAMPBELL 4Trading into hunger? : Nutritious food? COLIN D. 2Map of Uganda including Mt. 1Solutions to the food crisis as identified in selected sources CONTRIBUTORS Bustanul Arifin is Professor of Agricultural Economics in the University of Lampung and Professorial Fellow in the International Center for Applied Finance and Economics at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

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