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French Catholicism: Church, State and Society in a Changing by S. Tippett-Spirtou

By S. Tippett-Spirtou

The ebook provides authoritative and complete research of the position of the Catholic church in France over 50 years of social, political and theological switch. The impression of social secularization, of the altering position of girls, attitudes to sexuality, of dramatic political switch - from Algeria, the Nineteen Sixties, the Mitterand period and the increase of Le Pen - and of battles over schooling are offered in historic context. The church's responses to demanding situations to its authority, its teachings and structural assets are analysed. the belief asks 'Wither the Catholic Church?' in sleek France.

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Chrétiens-Medias set up Opération Minitel Gabriel to deal with the many questions asked about Gaillot. This was vetoed by the French Episcopate. Gaillot subsequently received 1124 letters – only five of these supported the censorship. 186 Church, Gender and Sexuality 35 The church decided to ask Mgr Gaillot to leave his bishopry of Evreux and transfer to Partenia, a principally Muslim area in Africa and an episcopal seat abandoned in the seventh century, described as in partibus infidelium (in the country of the infidels).

Given the emotive issues surrounding AIDS, we will probably have to wait until there is a cure/change in attitudes to AIDS for more accurate statistics to emerge on people’s sexual activity outside heterosexuality. 150 He interviewed 25 homosexual priests in various positions of importance. Church, Gender and Sexuality J O N DAVID T H A N 29 DAVID & JONATHAN The Charter DAVID AND JONATHAN is a Movement composed of men and women who are asking questions about their lives, about homosexuality, and about their faith.

It speaks of the debilitating aspect of homosexuality which it maintains stops sexual maturity. There also seems to be a lack of sensibility and empathy towards homosexuals as we are told that ‘no pastoral method can be practiced… which accords them (homosexuals) moral justification’. 142 This may subsequently appear to be rather contradictory as anybody dealing with them is advised, at the same time, to ‘judge them prudently’143 – a direct reference to the teaching in Persona Humana. This is the generally accepted position of the church on homosexuals.

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