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Fresh Water: New Perspectives on Water in Australia by Emily Potter, Alison Mackinnon, Stephen McKenzie, Jennifer

By Emily Potter, Alison Mackinnon, Stephen McKenzie, Jennifer McKay

Is water a source or is it the resource? Is it whatever to be ate up or does it have a lifetime of its own?
Recent histories of environmental false impression and exploitation shadow our present regime of water administration and use. whereas governments grapple with easy methods to reply to common drought, the placement worsens. there's something amiss in present ways to water. This well timed number of essays addresses the severe and contentious factor of water in Australia at the present time and indicates a necessity to considerably reconsider our courting with this primary substance. individuals from quite a number fields, from anthropology to visible arts, speak about a few of the ways that we're stuck up with water, and problem us to take in the cultural differences that underpin a sustainable ecological destiny.

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Water for consumption is life-giving, but too much water in the wrong place is death-dealing. Swamps, marshes and other such bodies of water, for instance, have been seen in patriarchal Western culture as black waters linked exclusively to death. This chapter rejects this perception and proposes seeing them and other waters in Indigenous cultural terms as blood red and red-blooded flowing concurrently with both life and death. It engages with the issue of the cultural constructions and national politics of water in Australia, and argues for a refiguring of water in the cultural imaginary and environmental politics of Australia as the blood of the body of the earth.

McMahon, ‘Effects of regulation on the flow regime of the River Murray, Australia’, Regulated Rivers: Research and Management, vol. 10, 1995, pp. 15–38. Norris, R. , P. Liston, N. Davies, J. Coysh, F. Dyer, S. Linke, I. Prosser and B. Young, Snapshot of the Murray–Darling Basin River Condition, Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology, Canberra, 2002. Oliver, H. , and W. M. Anderson, ‘The River Murray barrages at Mundoo, Boundary Creek, Ewe Island and Tauwitchere channels’, Engineering and Water Supply document, Adelaide, SA, 1940, p.

Humans are meat for crocodiles (and vice versa) as well as being very distant cousins. 10 Just as water is the life-blood of the Earth, so blood is the lifewater of the body. For many Aboriginal groups, land is body and body is land. 4). The map of Australia is remapped as a map of the human body—a map not only of the cosmos but also of the corpus. Non-Indigenous cartography is deconstructed and decolonised in this gesture. Presumably the river and wetlands of Australia are the arteries and veins, the blood and lymph, flowing through organs and muscles making the body of the Earth alive.

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