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frostbitten by Christine feehan

By Christine feehan

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Jeremy knew we wouldn't have landed in Alaska and holed up in a hotel for eight hours, but like any good leader, he understands that the day he starts expecting his troops to perform above and beyond is the day when they'll start feeling underappreciated and drag their heels. "Go check into the hotel and get some sleep," he said. " He paused. "That means yes," I said. " "He used one to book a motel, but after that expensive flight, he's not leaving Alaska anytime soon, so you can get some sleep—" "I napped on the plane.

They didn't match anyone from my dossiers. Between Dan's accent and Travis's Russian, I guessed they'd been living abroad. "We'll go back to the museum," I said to Clay. "I doubt they're hanging around, but I want to check the scents. " "Hope so," Clay said. I agreed. Multiple groups of werewolves in the Anchorage area were more than I cared to contemplate. Our simple trip had already become far too complicated. "I'll take you there," Reese said. " "Just tell us where to look, and we'll pick up the scents.

I glanced over as I pulled from the lot. " "I'm not sure worried is the right word. I feel… " He looked out the side window, fingers drumming the armrest. " I waited. There's no sense prodding Clay to talk. He doesn't need to be encouraged to share his feelings. If he wants to, he will. "I feel bad, I guess," he said after a moment. " He nodded. "I was closer to Nick. Joey was a few years older. But, yeah, we were friends. Pack mates. Pack brothers. I should have kept in contact. I just… I was pissed off about them leaving.

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