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Fundamentals of Gas Phase Ion Chemistry by R. J. Donovan (auth.), Keith R. Jennings (eds.)

By R. J. Donovan (auth.), Keith R. Jennings (eds.)

This quantity offers the lawsuits of the 1990 complicated research Institute entitled "Fundamentals of fuel part Ion Chemistry" held at Mont Ste. Odile , Alsace, France, twenty fifth June -6th July, 1990. The Institute introduced jointly over a hundred physicists, actual and natural chemists engaged on a wide selection of themes with gas-phase ion chemistry because the universal subject matter. many alternative viewpoints, utilising very diverse experimental and theoretical ways, have been delivered to undergo at the topic and supplied a stimulating and up to date account of the topic. even if the Institute used to be outfitted round the invited lectures, many particular issues have been addressed in workshops which consisted of casual chat groups that have been organised by way of contributors throughout the Institute. This quantity for this reason comprises not just chapters in response to the lectures yet summaries of a number of the workshops which provides significantly to the range of knowledge offered. This complex examine Institute was once the 5th in a sequence of NATO-sponsored institutes dedicated to a variety of elements of the physics and chemistry of gasoline section ions. those conferences were held each 4 years because the first, held in Biarritz in 1974, thought of "Interactions among Ions and Molecules". The 5 volumes which contain the lawsuits of those conferences illustrate very sincerely the numerous advances in thought and test that have taken position over the past 20 years.

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1. Role of internal energy. Experiments are now able to investigate the role of different kinds of internal energy : electronic energy. vibrational nergy. rotational energy 40 and spin-orbit energy. Chupka and co-workers [4] showed strong vibrational energy dependence in the reactivities of the reactions H2+ + H2 [40], H2+ + He (Ne or Ar) [41] and NH3+ + NH3 [42]. These first results showed for example that vibrational excitation of H2 + is much more efficient than collisional energy to overcome the endothermicity in the reaction with He to produce HeH+.

We will show several examples where it has an influence on the observed ion dissociation. Autoionisation processes can affect the ion dissociation by different means: the first example shows an influence on the fragment branching ratio in the case of C02 +, the second example shows an influence on the angular distribution of the 1+ fragment ions in the CF3I+ dissociation and the third example demonstrates the production of fragment ions by an autoionisation process in the fragment following the neutral photodissociation of the molecule.

In order to keep the alignment given by the first step with the photon absorption, the autoionisation and the subsequent parent ion dissociation are required to be rapid compared to the rotation of the molecule. This phenomenon had never been observed before. 37 a ~. lE-OF-FLIGHT (,uS) Figure 7. Simulated fragment ion time of flight peak: shapes for a single value kinetic energy release. Different peak: shapes illustrate the behavior expected for different fragment angular distributions. represented by the indicated b values: (a) b::::-l; (b) b=O; (c) b=2.

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