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Furor & Mystery and Other Poems by René Char, Mary Ann Caws

By René Char, Mary Ann Caws

Rene Char (1907-1988) used to be one in all France's most useful twentieth century poets. a part of the Surrealist staff within the past due 1920's-1930's, he progressively drifted clear of the crowd. in the course of WWII he joined the resistance and wrote his forceful prose poems describing what he observed and skilled. this huge, bilingual anthology, comprises all of his popular books Feuillets d'Hypnos and Fureur et Mystere in addition to a sampling of different poems and prose poems. Insightful essays are supplied by means of Sandra Bermann, Mary Ann Caws, and Nancy Kline.

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Paris: Gallimard, 1996, p. 547. Translation mine. xii See Van Kelly's discussion of Char's effects on Semprun and Foucault, op. cit. xiii "Hommage aVictor Brauner. L'Ascension furieuse:' in Rene Char: sous la direction d'Antoine Coran, Bibliotheque nationale de France (Paris: Gallimard, 2007), p. 82. 31 FUREUR ET MYSTERE FUROR AND MYSTERY BANDEAU DE FUREUR ET MYSTERE Le poete, on le sait, mele le manque et l'exces, le but et le passe. D'ou l'insolvabilite de son poeme. II est clans la malediction, c'est-adire qu'il assume de perpetuels et renaissants perils, autant qu'il refuse, les yeux ouverts, ce que d'autres acceptent, les yeux fermes : le profit d'etre poete.

Salut a celui qui marche en surete a mes cotes, au terme du poeme. 11 passera demain DEBOUT sous le vent. 64 Furor and Mystery HAYMAKING Oh night, I have brought back from your happiness only the fragrant appearance of the ellipses of unattainable birds! Nothing imposed motion but your hand of pollen which melted on my forehead in the whirls of an anemone lamp. At the approach of desire, the blue stacks of the sky had risen one after another, for over there, dead, was the Haymaker, an old masked man, a treacherous actor, the chemist of the cursed voyage.

The water-flower of the grass prowls around a face. On the threshold of the night, your illusion's perseverance welcomes in the forest. -NK Rene Char 49 ALLEGEMENT « J'errais clans l'or du vent, declinant le refuge des villages ou m'avaient connu des creve-coeur extremes. Du torrent epars de la vie arretee j'avais extrait la signification loyale d'Irene. La beaute deferlait de sa gaine fantasque, donnait des roses aux fontaines. » La neige le surprit. Il se pencha sur le visage aneanti, en but a longs traits la superstition.

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