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Geochemical Processes at Mineral Surfaces by James A. Davis

By James A. Davis

content material: Simulating liquid water close to mineral surfaces : present tools and obstacles / David J. Mulla --
habit of water at the floor of kaolin minerals / R.F. Giese Jr. and P.M. Costanzo --
Reactions on the oxide-solution interface : chemical and electrostatic types / John C. Westall --
floor potential-pH features within the thought of the oxide-electrolyte interface / Luc Bousse and J.D. Meindl --
unfastened energies of electric double layers on the oxide-solution interface / Derek Y.C. Chan --
Mechanism of lead ion adsorption on the goethite-water interface / Kim F. Hayes and James O. Leckie --
Characterization of anion binding on goethite utilizing titration calorimetry and cylindrical inner reflection-Fourier remodel infrared spectroscopy / W.A. Zeltner ... [et al.] --
Macroscopic partitioning coefficients for steel ion adsorption : proton stoichiometry at variable pH and adsorption density / Bruce D. Honeyman and James O. Leckie --
Sorption of hydrophobic natural compounds by means of sediments / Gary P. Curtis, Martin Reinhard, and Paul V. Roberts --
Distinguishing adsorption from floor precipitation / Garrison Sposito --
Adsorption-desorption kinetics on the metal-oxide-solution interface studied by means of rest tools / Tatsuya Yasunaga and Tetsuya Ikeda --
hugely selective ion trade in clay minerals and zeolites / A. Maes and A. Cremers --
Potassium fixation in smectite by way of wetting and drying / Dennis D. Eberl, Jan Środoń, and H. Roy Northrop --
Potassium-calcium alternate equilibria in aluminosilicate minerals and soils / Keith W.T. Goulding --
Adsorption of steel ions and complexes on aluminosilicate minerals / B.A. Goodman --
Paramagnetic probes of layer silicate surfaces / Murray B. McBride --
purposes of floor strategies to chemical bonding reports of minerals / Dale L. Perry --
In situ Mössbauer experiences of steel oxide-aqueous resolution interfaces with adsorbed cobalt-57 and antimony-119 ions / F. Ambe ... [et al.] --
Photoredox chemistry of colloidal steel oxides / T. David Waite --
Adsorption of natural reductants and next electron move on steel oxide surfaces / Alan T. Stone --
Abiotic natural reactions at mineral surfaces / Evangelos A. Voudrias and Martin Reinhard --
Mn(II) oxidation within the presence of lepidocrocite: the impact of different ions / Simon H.R. Davies --
interplay of Co(II) and Co(III) complexes on man made birnessite : floor characterization / John G. Dillard and Catherine V. Schenck --
Ionic sturdy recommendations involved with aqueous ideas / Ferdinand C.M. Driessens --
method of equilibrium in stable solution-aqueous resolution structures : the KCl-KBr-H₂O method at 25°C / L. Niel Plummer --
Modes of coprecipitation of Ba² and Sr² with calcite / Nicholas E. Pingitore Jr. --
Near-surface alkali diffusion into glassy and crystalline silicates at 25°C to 100°C / paintings F. White and Andy Yee --
Mechanisms and expense legislation in electrolyte crystal progress from aqueous resolution / Arne E. Nielsen --
impact of floor zone, floor features, and resolution composition on feldspar weathering charges / Michael Anthony Velbel --
Dislocation etch pits in quartz / S.L. Brantley ... [et al.] --
the expansion of calcium phosphates / S.J. Zawacki ... [et al.].

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