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Heat of the Night (Dream Guardians, Book 2) by Sylvia Day

By Sylvia Day

He's a imaginative and prescient from each woman's erotic fantasies. latest within the twilight underneath sleep and awareness, Connor brings them decadent pleasures, fueled by means of their sexual power. yet violence and strife now tear aside either worlds, and Connor needs to embark upon a quest into the mortal realm . . . and into the palms of 1 intoxicating enchantress. Stacey Daniels has constantly been interested in the inaccurate form of men—and the muscular, Viking-like champion on her entrance doorstep isn't any exception. she will be able to not often think the wounded warrior is from one other global, an international the place erotic desires are had to continue to exist, an international of poor probability that has him to her domestic. Connor reveals solace in her ardour, yet merely time will inform if he can defeat the darkish foe who hunts them . . . and if Stacey can hand over to the promise he deals with each electrifying contact.

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He cupped her through her lace thong. ” Heat of the Night 55 She whimpered as he pushed the intruding material out of the way and touched her skin-to-skin. “Tell me you want me,” he rasped, the callused tip of his index finger sliding between her folds and stroking over her engorged clit. Back and forth. Caressing, circling. The tension was intense, her breath panting, her legs straining. “Oh! I’m going to come . . Oh god . ” Jesus, she’d gone so long without she was hair-trigger ready. “Tell me you want me,” he repeated.

Don’t let him leave . . ” “Yeah, I’m here,” she replied, lifting the phone back up to her ear with a harsh exhale. “You know, the guy is hot as hell, but he’s a real pain in the ass. Bossy and arrogant. Rude. ” “I’ll give you a raise,” Lyssa cajoled. “Right. ” Not really, but they both knew she was overpaid. Lyssa was way too generous. ” I want to handle him, all over. That was part of the problem. She was always attracted to the wrong sort of guys. Always had been. “Don’t take it personally.

She was on the phone. He felt the tension in his shoulders fade. They were alone after all. Just what he needed. He didn’t think he could handle a larger interaction at this point. His nerves were stretched too thin. Connor crossed the living room and paused on the threshold of the dining room. Stacey was facing away from him, her back tense, her hand rubbing at the back of her neck. Damn, she had a nice ass. Big, she’d called it. He had to admit it wasn’t small, but it was tight and round and more than a handful.

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