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Here Kitty, Kitty by Joyee Flynn

By Joyee Flynn

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I followed Cord, realizing I’d never seen the backyard. Taking a few steps out the backdoor, I froze on the porch. About twenty yards away, was an Olympic size pool. ” I shouted as I yanked my shirt off over my head. I got my shorts off in a flash, as well, before racing naked and jumping into the pool. When I resurfaced, I saw a couple of my brothers doing the same before they launched themselves in my direction. “None of you have trunks,” Cord yelled as he kept covering his eyes at my brother’s being naked.

You’ll be so ready for us tonight you’ll do anything we want. ” “Oh, god,” I moaned as I started to hump Cord’s hips, not caring my family could see. “Please, I’ll be good. ” Cord chuckled as he gave me a chaste kiss on the lips and lowered me to my feet. Ty and Cord bumped fists as they walked back toward the kitchen to grab more coolers and drinks. I, on the other hand, turned and booked it for the pool. It wasn’t the same as a cold shower but as close as I was going to get right then. Here Kitty, Kitty 65 Chapter 6 The wolves started showing up about a half hour later.

I chuckled as I moved my hips around. ” He moaned. I glanced at Ty, who gave me a nod, before thrusting forward again. Grabbing his shoulders gently, I changed the angle to hit Cord’s prostate on every thrust. “Oh, fuck, don’t stop. ” Ty hissed as he stroked his dick. He had three fingers in his ass now as he played with himself. ” I growled. Leaning back down, I licked Cord’s neck and shoulder. Right when I felt him stiffen up, I sank my canines into his left shoulder. He screamed loudly as he climaxed, shooting his spunk all over the bed.

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