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Historical Dictionary of Kant and Kantianism (Historical by Helmut Holzhey

By Helmut Holzhey

Immanuel Kant used to be the most major philosophers of the trendy age, many elements of Kant's recommendations aren't effortless to appreciate and a advisor like this historic Dictionary of Kant and Kantianism may be very welcome not just to scholars, but in addition academics and most of the people, because it comprises 1000's of entries describing Kant's existence and works and explaining his thoughts in addition to the contributions of his fans (and additionally a few opponents). Given the inevitable difficulties of language, the thesaurus is especially beneficial. And the bibliography makes the large literature extra available.

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3. See the entries LEIBNIZ, GOTTFRIED WILHELM; WOLFF, CHRISTIAN; PRE-CRITICAL PHILOSOPHY. 4. For more information on Kant's major publications mentioned in the following account, see the corresponding entries. 5. See the corresponding entries EXPERIENCE and TRANSCENDENTAL DEDUCTION. 6. See also the entry BERKELEY, GEORGE. 7. : Ridgeview, 1993), p. 1. 8. See also the entry REINHOLD, KARL LEONHARD. 9. See the entry MAIMON, SALOMON. Many of the titles pertaining to Kantianism in this early period have been reprinted in the collection Aetas Kantiana (Brussels).

12 (1903): 433-53, and "Kant's Idealism," Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 4 (1903ll904): 127-40. 67. Kuklick, "Seven Thinkers," pp. 133-34. 68. C. I. " Contemporary American Philosophy. : Open Court, 1946). , 1965), pp. 108-24; Flower and Murphey, 30 Introduction Philosophy in America, vol. 2, pp. 893,957; Kuklick, A History, pp. 217-19. 69. " In Essays on Actions and Events (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1980), pp. 207-25. 70. See the entry STRAWSON, PETER. 71. , 1882-1884). , 1881-1 892). 72.

Kant's aesthetics was critically appropriated and further developed by r und Wiirde, 1793; ~ b e die r Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) ( ~ b eAnmut asthetische Eniehung des Menschen, 1795). In post-Kantian German Idealism, however, Kant's conception was superseded by a philosophy of art which renounced the concept of taste and which parted with the aesthetic determination of art. Among the Neokantians, Hermann Cohen established aesthetics as the third part of his system of philosophy; by approaching it via art he viewed it as an ingredient of general culture.

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