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Hittite Etymological Dictionary: Words beginning with PA by Jaan Puhvel

By Jaan Puhvel

The Hittite Etymological Dictionary is a accomplished compendium of the vocabulary of Hittite, one of many nice languages of the traditional close to East, and of paramount value for comparative Indo-European reports. because the begin of booklet, as evidenced through frequency of reference and citation, this paintings has develop into a big instrument for learn and examine in Hittite, historical Anatolian, and Indo-European linguistics. quantity eight of the dictionary bargains with phrases starting with PA.

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Hitt. acc. sg. pa-ah-hu-u-ur (par. 41 I 6 [quoted above]). Voicing (“leniting”) of the intervocalic laryngeal before u has evolved further to loss in Luwoid pawarriya- (listed above); cf. Hitt. sehur: Luw. du-u´-ur, Hitt. lahhuwa-: Luw. la(h)una- (HED 5: 22Ϫ3), Hitt. lelhuwa-: Luw. (li)luwa- (HED 5: 82); a parallel is Provenc¸al segur: Old French seür, French suˆr). 24 pahhur The etymon has been patent since Hrozny´ (SH 69), and the identification of -hh- with IE *A1 since Kuryłowicz (Symbolae … I.

38 pai-, pa- pai-, pe-, piya- e´ti, Gk. eiÓsi, Lat. it, OLith. eı˜ti, Hitt. ¯ızzi, Luw. iti), 3 pl. *ye´nti (Ved. ya´nti, Hitt. yanzi). , on the other pa-an-zi) are secondary conventions without ulterior etymological implications. Cf. ); wezzapant-. pai-, pe-, piya- ‘give, pay, offer, furnish, consign, render’; a¯ppa pai- ‘give back, return, rendition, surrender’, kattan pai- ‘put down, abandon, betray’; para¯ pai- ‘give forth, grant; hand over, extradite’ (sum; nadanu), 1 sg. pres. act. 1 III 31 tess]umminn[a] halı¯nas pehh[e] ‘I give a clay cup’; dupl.

41 I 6 pahhu¯r ura¯ni; ibid. I 29 pah]hu¯r ura¯[ni; cf. par. ] paa-hu-u-ur, ibid. 10 III 21Ϫ22 DTelipinus kardimiyauwanza zi-sˇu k[ara¯z-sis] uriwaran pa¯hhur nu kı¯ pa¯hur ma¯hha[n kistari … ‘T. ”’ [G. 49 Rs. 27 Vs. 20), izi (frequent, e. g. 70 Vs. 1 I 82 sˇa LUku´ r izi salli wastul ˇ ´ ´ ‘enemy fire, a great failure’; ibid. babbar ‘Hittite arms fire’ [Ünal, Hatt. mesˇ-sˇu nuntaras sig5-ri ‘if this inflammation of his majesty’s feet lets up promptly’; VBoT 136 Vs. 14 Rs. 16 nu tapassan-pat izi-ya me-as ‘took the very fever and febrility’ [cf.

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