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Hot for the Holidays by Lora Leigh

By Lora Leigh

That includes 4 all-new novellas of sensual surprises and seasonal spirits, this assortment incorporates a new story of the Breeds from Lora Leigh and a go back to the area of the Mageverse from Angela Knight.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t understand any of this. My mother tried to contact John after she realized she was pregnant, but he’d vanished off the face of the earth. We never heard a single word from him all the time I was growing up. Now you pop up twenty-six years later. Why now? ” Grace shook her head in disgust. ” “Knights? ” Kat laughed, amused by the sarcastic image. The chuckle died as she gazed into Grace’s utterly serious eyes. Good God, the woman meant it. Is she some kind of nut? The blonde studied Kat for a long moment before her blue gaze hardened in resolution.

A sister? That dossier he’d read was beginning to seem even thinner than he’d thought. Which made him wonder what had been kept from him, and why. The Majae’s Council often played inscrutable games, even with the vampires of Avalon. ” The girl’s lips looked full and tempting, slicked with bronze gloss. He wanted to taste them. That Kentucky bourbon voice sounded like an invitation to sin. ” Or it would be, if he wasn’t careful. How the hell was he supposed to maintain his objectivity with a woman who made his every cell thrum with need?

Those dark eyes bored into hers. She had the feeling he saw the deep hidden core of rage, the craving for revenge that roiled inside her. And the fear, carefully hidden and barely acknowledged. At last he turned away. “Fifteen hundred years ago,” Arthur continued in a quiet tone that still carried to every corner of the room, “Merlin tested me and the members of my court to determine if we were up to the task of protecting mankind from its own suicidal impulses. Those of us who passed his tests drank from his magical grail and became immortal.

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