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Hydrogen Production Rqmts - Nuclear Options [sm article]

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Nuclear Energy: Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology

Nuclear power presents an authoritative reference on all features of the nuclear from basic reactor physics calculations to reactor layout, nuclear gas assets, nuclear gas cycle, radiation detection and safety, and nuclear energy economics. that includes 19 peer-reviewed entries through well-known experts within the box, this booklet presents complete, streamlined insurance of basics, present components of analysis, and ambitions for the long run.

Return to Armageddon: The United States and the Nuclear Arms Race, 1981–1999

Whilst the chilly conflict ended, the area set free a collective sigh of reduction because the worry of nuclear disagreement among superpowers looked as if it would vanish in a single day. As we process the recent millennium, in spite of the fact that, the proliferation of nuclear guns to ever extra belligerent nations and factions increases alarming new matters concerning the chance of nuclear struggle.

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Mach­ iavelli's Contribution to a Renaissance Debate" in J. R. Hale, Renaissance War Studies (London, 1983), 1 89-209. ,. The Prince, ch. 12. " Discorsi, III, 3 r . ,. See Sergio Bertelli and Piero Innocenti, Bib/iografia Machiavelliana (Verona, 1979). " Montaigne, Essais, bk. 2, ch. " '" Francesco Algarotti, lettres 8 and 9 of his work Scienza mi/itare del Segretario Fio­ rentino, in F. Algarotti, Opere, val. 5 (Venice, 1 791). ,. , Thomas Jefferson's library. •o The Art of War in Seven Books Written by Nicholas Machiavel .

Only rulers of larger territories could afford an army, and with its help force the estates or their smaller neigh­ bors under their control. �was dependent upon the other. But Machiavelli�s.. , the technical-military sphere. If his view of the exemplary character of the Roman military organization might have misled him in underesti­ mating the impact of new weapons and of the economy on military developments, his admiration for Rome was crucial in opening his eyes to the role of war in modern times.

At Tournhout the cavalry drove the Spanish horse off the field and then shattered the infantry; at Nieupoort the Dutch mounted charge first defeated the ene'• Hahlweg, Heeresreform, 6r - 68, 70-78. The choric countermarch is described by James Turner, Pallas Armate: Military Essayes of the Ancient Grecian, Roman, and Modern Art of War (London, r 6 8 3 ; repr. New York, 1968), 9-r r . J O Ten Raa and d e Bas, Staatsche Leger, 2 : 3 3 2-3 5 ; Wijn, Krijgswezen, 3 2-33. '' Wijn, Krijgswesen, 3 2-33.

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