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I/19B3 Nuclear States from Charged Particle Reactions by Z.N. Soroko, S. Sukhoruchkin

By Z.N. Soroko, S. Sukhoruchkin

Sure... it is a great book.

But, it is evidently no longer $8,600 good.

Why is that this product even to be had on amazon... I see the five stars below it and imagine "oh, i would relatively wish to learn this" then i am getting to the product web page and browse the overview, which makes the booklet sound notable! despite the fact that, I see the fee and lose all desire i will ever get to learn this book.

This product will both be taken down quickly, or the associated fee should be reduced from $8,600.

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0(1) keV are rational to the stable parameters of the residual interaction of valence neutrons determined from differences of binding energies [01Su0A, 01So01, 03So0B, 03Su0B]. The observation of the stable character of intervals between excited states in neighbour nuclei is another method to check this ”tuning effect” of low-energy excitations. Data in LB I/19BC can be used for this purpose. For example, stable interval in the sum distribution of spacings in 125 Te and 127 Te (Dij = 1360 keV) corresponds to the two-phonon excitation in the neighbour 126 Te with E ∗ = 2εN,2N (see Table 2).

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