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Science Studies

I Wonder Why by Neeraja Raghavan

By Neeraja Raghavan

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Each little atom on the top is moving along with the top, and it would continue its movement in the same direction. If you try to tilt or topple the top by gently pulling it forward, every atom in the top will try to resist this change by continuing its motion in the plane perpendicular to the rotation axis. The axis of rotation also seeks to retain its original direction. In other words, the top continues to spin in the direction that it started to spin, as the law states. Now along comes your neighbourhood bully, and sticking his tongue out, he pulls the top with such force that wham!

A 'good cry' will certainly produce in excess of half a gram of tears. All vertebrates produce tears, but no animal other than man has shown that it can weep in response to some form of sadness or shock. Although crying and laughing are opposites in terms of the feelings that trigger them off, they involve many of the same brain circuits and muscles. We know this from the fact that there are patients who, having brain damage, lose control over laughing as well as crying. So we, human beings, are special.

In fact, as you may know, stars are shining bodies that give out their own light and it is the earth which moves around one such star, the sun. Why then, do stars look like they are moving ever so slighdy? Have you noticed another aspect? Only the sun looks like a big ball, all the other stars look like pinpoints of light, somewhat star-shaped. Why is that so? A star is a huge ball of glowing gas in the sky. What makes it 28 glow? There are mainly two gases in a star—hydrogen and helium. These two gases give out a very powerful form of energy known as nuclear energy.

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