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Interpreting quantum theory. A therapeutic approach by S. Friederich

By S. Friederich

Pursuing this venture, the booklet develops and defends the concept that quantum states don't symbolize good points of actual truth, it distinguishes among valid and illegitimate makes use of of anthropocentric notions in foundational money owed, it considers the character of clarification in quantum idea, and it addresses issues that come up in quantum box thought. moreover, it argues that quantum conception is in the neighborhood causal inasmuch as quantum percentages, effectively construed, are self sufficient of what happens at space-like distance.

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However, the rejection of pilot wave theory on aesthetic grounds is problematic, as convincingly emphasised by Putnam, who argues that, as an example, ‘[t]he formula for the velocity field is extremely simple: you have the probability current in the theory anyway, and you take the velocity vector to be proportional to the current. ’ (Putnam [2005], p. 622). Even though this is largely an aesthetic question, it seems hard to deny that Putnam has a point here. 4), are not actually needed to avoid the shortcomings of the standard textbook account laid out in Chapter 2.

HN . On the tensor-product space H, the scalar product . . | . . is defined in terms of the scalar products . . | . . 1 , . , . . | . . N of the individual Hilbert spaces H1 , . , HN by φ1 ⊗ . . ⊗ φN |ψ1 ⊗ . . ⊗ ψN = φ1 |ψ1 1 . . φN |ψN N for arbitrary |φ1 , |ψ1 ∈ H1 , . , |φN , |ψN ∈ HN . ), the appropriate Hilbert space to consider is not the full H = H1 ⊗ . . ⊗ HN , but one of its subspaces, namely, either the one which consists of those vectors in H that are fully symmetric under exchange among labels 1, .

Additional light can be cast on the problem by formulating it in terms of a model of ideal quantum measurement: in this model, prior to measurement the measured system and the apparatus are in pure states |ψ and |φ (the assumption of purity is inessential and can easily be dropped), which means that the resulting state of the combined system is | pre = |ψ ⊗ |φ . 1) i = ci dj |si ⊗ |aj i,j with suitable coefficients ci and di . Measurement involves an interaction between the measured system and the apparatus.

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