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Into the Darkness (Dark Realm, Book 1) by Delilah Devlin

By Delilah Devlin

A woman's hunt for excitement is aware no principles . . . and no barriers. Escaping from a sad previous, Natalie Lambert arrives in New Orleans and falls sufferer to a sequence of odd, unearthly assaults. Now, for the 1st time in her lifestyles, Natalie aches with sexual wish. careworn, fearful, uncontrolled, she struggles desperately to appreciate a global that's reworking round her. yet quickly she's going to be robust and luxurious in methods she may perhaps by no means have imagined . . . A ruggedly good-looking Cajun policeman, Detective Rene Broussard has come to rescue Natalie in her time of maximum desire. And whilst he inexplicably wakes in mattress beside her—both burning with a lust very unlikely to deny—he does not care darkish and vengeful enemy has introduced them to this second. All that concerns is the impossible to resist curve of her physique, the warmth of her ardour . . . and the forbidden pleasures the evening offers. With one sharp, sensuous, biting kiss, he'll be hers for all times . . . and past.

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Liar! She’d wanted it all. Even now her pussy clenched around him. A deep shudder shook his shoulders and belly. ” When he looked at her again, his hard gaze softened a little. “I’m sorry Natalie. ” He breathed deeply, settling on top of her, and brushed her hair off her damp forehead. His gaze searched hers. ” She didn’t like the regret twisting his lips. Guilt rose inside into the darkness 55 her, and with it, an acidic anger—all aimed at herself. “What? ” she lashed back while trying to keep at bay the tears burning the backs of her eyes.

When he bit her gently, she gasped and bucked beneath him. “Rene . ” “That’s right. Let go,” he murmured, and nudged a knee between her legs. ” Eager to feel his touch on the place that burned hottest, she spread her legs to let him slip between and rubbed her inner thighs against him. Cool air licked at her moist folds. He scooted lower, his hands smoothing around her waist and down to cup her buttocks. He trailed kisses along her abdomen, sending shivers across her skin. When his tongue lapped at her navel, her belly jumped.

Come inside me. ” “I’m a grown man. I know better. ” She couldn’t help the pout that pushed out her lower lip. ” 56 delilah devlin The smile lifting the corners of his lips was self-deriding but tender, and warmed her to her toes. ” She’d wanted praise, she realized. Her body flowered again—shocking her with the intensity of her renewed need. “Since we’ve already passed the point of no return . ” He shook his head, regret pursing his lips. “I won’t compound the damage. ” Still, he hadn’t pulled away.

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