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Jabril by D. B. Reynolds

By D. B. Reynolds

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Cyn asked. Mrs. Peach studied her, then gave a little sniff and headed back the way she'd come, with a little wave for them to follow. They walked around the corner and entered the servants’ house through a glass-paned door that led into a large, open kitchen. Ignoring the two men having coffee at the cafeteria-style table, the housekeeper kept walking until she reached an unadorned entryway. A small desk stood near what must have been the front door, with a simple bouquet of flowers in a cut crystal vase.

Elizabeth doesn't live in this house, and we-" "Too dangerous,” Jabril interjected quickly. “My men are well-trained and superbly disciplined, but they are still, after all, only human… in many ways,” he amended with a little smirk at his own cleverness. “Elizabeth is a lovely girl on the brink of womanhood. " Jabril beamed at her. “You'll take the job then? Wonderful. ” He paused, as if a thought had suddenly occurred to him. It was such an obvious artifice that Cyn knew what his next words would be before he even spoke them.

Asim frowned. “There are such people, of course, if you think it wise. I will contact your lawyers and find out who handles these things. Let them earn some of the money you pay them for doing nothing. A private investigator, perhaps-” He gave his master an alarmed look as Jabril barked out a laugh. " "A private investigator, Asim! This is too perfect. You recall that unfortunate business on the west coast recently? " "Oh hardly, Asim,” he said with a dismissive flip of his fingers. “Talk to the lawyers and find a proper man for the job.

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