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Just Managing: Power and Culture in the National Health by Stephen Harrison, etc., David Hunter, Gordon Marnoch,

By Stephen Harrison, etc., David Hunter, Gordon Marnoch, Christopher Politt

Successive reorganisations of the British NHS were designed to optimise potent source use and to carry pros to account for what they do. a number of the alterations have proceeded in isolation from any proof that they're going to prevail. This e-book experiences all released examine facts at the employer and administration of the NHS and experiences findings of a huge research performed by way of the authors at the creation of basic administration into the NHS utilizing key concepts:Power and tradition. The publication considers the consequences of the study findings for the main marketplace rules and festival into the NHS.

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R ~ ;: ~ Eo ...... () ~ ;:! ""t l:> ~ ~. ~ ;:! ~ ...... en tv 00 1982-84 THOMPSON (1986) 7 Management Teams 72 managers Source: Adapted from Harrison, (1988a) 1 District 1983-84 1982 HARRISON, HAYWOOD &: FUSSELL (1984) 2DHAs FORTE (1986) 1981-85 HAM (1986) 19 Management Teams 40 Consultants and 40 GPs in 6 districts 1981 SHULZ &: HARRISON (1983) 2 DHAs, 2 Local Authorities, London 1983-84 1980-81 GLENNERSTER et al. (1983) 2 DHAs, Local Authority HARRISON, POHLMAN &: MERCER (1984) POHLMAN (1985) 1980-85 WEBB et al.

DHSS, 1982) Unlike earlier attempts to use comparative data, the new indicators were therefore to be compulsory. The first national (English) package of indicators was made available in September 1983, in a form which allowed any health authority to be compared with all others in terms both of absolute values of the indicators used and of rankings within the region and the country. The package contained some 70 indicators relating to clinical work, finance, manpower [sic], support services and estate management, all constructed from already available data.

1979, 1980) LEE & MILLS (1982) WISEMAN (1979) KOGAN et al. (1978) COMMITIEE OF INQUIRY INTO NORMANSFIELD HOSPITAL (1978) 1979-80 1979-80 1980-83 HARRISON (1981) HARRISON et al. (1990) HARDY (1986) STOCKING (1985) 22 innovations in general: 4 detailed cases in RHAs and 12 Districts 2 hospital closures Interviews, documents questionnaires Interviews, documents Interviews, documents Interviews, observation 32 District Administrators 9 Area Administrators 1979 STEWART et al. 1 ~ . :.. :.. ;:! c· ~ ......

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