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Science Studies

Krypton, Xenon & Radon by H. L. Clever (Eds.)

By H. L. Clever (Eds.)

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15 K. 8 per cent. The value of Wilcock, et. al. (3), determined with improved apparatus for degassing and solubility measurement, should be the most reliable value. However, since they report a solubility at only one temperature, we recommend as the tentative values the data of Clever, et al. 15 K may be about one percent high. 3 per cent range. 2 per cent of the value of Clever, et al.. (2). We recommend as the tentative solubility values the smoothed data of Clever, et al. (2) (Page 40). The single value of Wilcock, et.

Maintained at 1 atm as the gas is absorbed. 03 the apparatus of Morrison and Billett (1). The modifications include the addition of a helical storage for the REFERENCES : solvent, a manometer for a reference 1. Morrison, T . J . ; B i l l e t t , F. pressure, and an extra buret for J . Chem. S o c . 1 9 4 8 , 2 0 3 3 ; highly soluble gases. The solvent is i b i d . 1952, 3819. degassed by a modification of the method of Baldwin and Daniel (2). 2. Baldwin, J. Appl. ; Chem. G. 1 9 5 2 , 2_, 1 6 1 .

0 5 The apparatus is a modification of όΡ/mmHg = 3 the apparatus of Morrison and Billett 6X /Χ χ = 0 . 0 3 (1). ; Billett, F. highly soluble gases. The solvent is J. Chem. Soc. 1948, 2033; degassed by a modification of the ibid. 1952, 3819. method of Baldwin and Daniel (2). G. J. Appl. Chem. 1952, 2_, 161. Zö ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: COMPONENTS : 1. K r y p t o n ; Kr; 2. Hexane; 7439-90-9 C6H14'' Steinberg, T/K: P/kPa: B. 110-54-3 Ind. 325 (1 atm) Eng. PREPARED BY: Chem. 1959, 51^, 4 7 - 5 1 . L.

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