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Environmental Economics

Land use considerations in urban environmental management by Janis D. Bernstein

By Janis D. Bernstein

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Although the nature of the land market or resource management problems in an urban area will determine the most effective approach, improving the functioning of the land market so as to promote resource protection involves 1) providing infrastructure so as to reduce developers' risk and encourage high density development where desirable and 2) formulating regulations that are appropriate to local conditions, establish flexible development standards, and involve a minimum of administrative requirements.

It also threatens the nutrition and health of the poorest sections of the Lobito-Benguela Conurbation's population, which is heavily dependent on fish protein. 8 Advances in wetland science have greatly increased our understanding of the ways in which wetlands contribute to human welfare. By observing biological and physical characteristics of wetland systems, it generally is possible to identify the presence or absence of wetland functions and associated goods and services. Nonetheless, the ability to quantify the relationships between wetland characteristics and functions is limited.

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