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Language policy and identity politics in the United States by Ron Schmidt

By Ron Schmidt

This quantity offers approached to language coverage within the united states: linguistic assimilation; and linguistic pluralism. the writer examines bilingual schooling in public faculties, linguistic entry rights to public providers, and the designation of English because the country's reputable language.

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Similarly, during and after a policy's implementation, value-neutral analysts attempt to describe the degree to which the policy succeeded or failed to achieve its aims and to explain why. The value-committed approach to policy analysis has a long history. , testimony presented by interest group representatives before legislative committees or ideologically grounded analyses made by scholars). In contrast, Rein (1971) defined the value-critical approach as one that “subjects goals and values to critical review, that is, values themselves become the object of analysis; they are not merely accepted as a voluntary choice of the will, unamenable to further debate” (p.

Paper) — ISBN 1-56639-755-3 (paper : alk. paper)1. Language policy — United States. 2. Americanization. 3. Pluralism (Social sciences) — United States. I. Title. II. S. S. CRITIQUE AND REFORM7Flaws at Every Turn: A Critique of Assimilationist, Pluralist, and Confederationist Alternatives1838Pluralistic Integration: Toward Greater Justice and a More Common Good221Notes251References257Index275 Page ix Acknowledgments LIKE OTHER authors, I have looked forward to thanking the many people who helped me in writing this book.

S. Constitution. S. R. 123), which would have made English the sole official language of the United States and abolished the language minority provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. While the Senate did not act on the House bill, former Senate majority leader and Republican presidential candidate Robert Dole praised it and called for its passage. The Clinton White House, meanwhile, vowed to veto the bill if passed by the Senate. In 1998 California voters approved—by a 61 percent to 39 percent margin—an initiative that virtually outlawed all of the state's bilingual education programs, replacing them with a one-year English-immersion program.

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