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Less Than Words Can Say by Richard Mitchell

By Richard Mitchell

Twenty-odd years in the past, Richard Mitchell, a professor at New Jersey’s Glassboro nation collage, set out on a quixotic pursuit: the rescue of the English language and the minds of these hooked up to the realm by means of it. wearing cape and masks as “The Underground Grammarian,” Mitchell sallied forth upon his publication opposed to the nonsense being spoken, written, and, certainly, inspired via the tutorial institution. (“One factor resulted in another,” as he tells it, “a entrance web page piece in The Wall highway Journal, a proÞle in Time, and different such. prior to it was once over, The Underground Grammarian got here to be, on this planet of computing device printing, the Þrst e-book to have subscribers on each continent other than Antarctica.”) What started as a brilliant catalog of lack of understanding and inanity within the written paintings educators and their hapless scholars quickly turned an company of such a lot noble second: an research, through mordant wit and Þerce intelligence, of “what we'd usefully choose to suggest via ‘education.’” the result of Mitchell’s inquiries are as stimulating this present day as they have been while Þrst articulated. His venture continues to be a telling explication of ways, via writing, we find idea and make wisdom. it really is definitely the main drolly unique.

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