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Liberating Faith: Religious Voices for Justice, Peace, and by Roger S. Gottlieb, Diane Ackerman, Nawal H. Ammar, Scott

By Roger S. Gottlieb, Diane Ackerman, Nawal H. Ammar, Scott Appleby, Naim Stifan Ateek, Rich Barlow, Daniel Berrigan, Thomas Berry, Philip Berryman, Michael Bourdeaux, Stephen B. Boyd, Judy Chicago, Anne M. Clifford, James H. Cone, Harvey Cox, Dorothy Day, M

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Liberating religion: non secular Voices for Justice, Peace, and Ecological knowledge. Roger S. Gottlieb, editor. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2003. BL65 .J87 L53
This sweeping anthology exhibits how faith has joined with and discovered from routine for social justice, peace, and ecological knowledge. It contains theology, social critique, place papers, denominational statements, manifestos, rituals, prayers, biographical bills, and journalistic descriptions of the real-world struggles, starting with a survey of moral teachings from conventional assets. Containing voices from a large number of traditions, nationwide settings, and views, this e-book is the definitive creation to international spiritual social activism, delivering a visionary substitute to either repressive fundamentalism and spiritless secularism.

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The whole world of living beings I must rescue, from the terrors of birth, of old age, of sickness, of death and rebirth, of all kinds of moral offence, of all states of woe, of the whole cycle of birth-and-death, of the jungle of false views, of the loss of wholesome dharmas, of the concomitants of ignorance-for all these terrors I must rescue all beings. Conhcianism em FROM THE ANALECTS OF CONFUCIUS 1:14 Confucius said: “When the Superior Man eats he does not try to stuff himself; at rest he does not seek perfect comfort; he is diligent in his work and careful in speech.

In those who harbor such thoughts, hate will never cease. ” In those who do not harbor such thoughts, hate will cease. For hate is never conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love. This is an eternal law. Whoever lives only for pleasures, with senses uncontrolled, immoderate in eating, lazy, and weak, will be overthrown by Mara, like the wind throws down a weak tree. Whoever lives not for pleasures, with senses well controlled, moderate in eating, has faith and the power of virtue, will not be overthrown by Mara, any more than the wind throws down a rocky mountain.

The Lakota could despise no creature, for all were of one blood, made by the same hand, and filled with the essence of the Great Mystery. In spirit the Lakota was humble and meek. “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth,” was true for the Lakota, and from the earth he inherited secrets long since forgotten. His religion was sane, normal, and human. Reflection upon life and its meaning, consideration of its wonders, and observation of the world of creatures, began with childhood. The earth, which was called Maka, and the sun, called Anpetuwi, represented two functions somewhat analogous to those of male and female.

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