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Lone Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne) by Karen Whiddon

By Karen Whiddon

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A daughter. ” Frowning at her, he looked unconvinced. ” Lifting one shoulder, she winced at the twinge of pain. “So they say. But I did. I went to speak with our seer and she told me this happens rarely. When it did, the child was meant to achieve great things. ” “Our baby,” he corrected, looking shell-shocked. As he stared at her, anger gradually replaced the surprise. “You kept this from me. My daughter. ” The moment she’d been dreading. Swallowing hard, she kept her gaze on him, not allowing herself the luxury of looking away.

Don’t,” she said. “You know nothing about me—” “I’ve lost my sister. She was all I had left in the world. Yes, you were her best friend. And maybe what happened between us never should have happened. ” Again she tried to speak, knowing he was right, but also aware she had to try. The words wouldn’t come. “I have the right to know her,” he continued. ” His voice broke, but the accusation in his eyes cut her like shards of broken, lethal glass. Head aching, she tried to think. His child. Their child.

Motionless, she bided her time, building her strength for the optimal moment to make her bid for freedom. Then, once she was free, they would pay for daring to hold her here like this. She’d kill them all, one by one, and gorge herself in a fit of savagery on their still-warm blood, as her half-savage ancestors used to. Just the thought gave her a burst of adrenaline. “Get up,” one of them said, a hint of nervousness in his husky voice. ” Instantly she froze, a frisson of fear stabbing her. Not Dani, surely they hadn’t found her daughter.

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