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Environmental Economics

Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads by european conference of ministers of transport

By european conference of ministers of transport

Desk of content material :ForewordAcknowledgementsAbstractKey MessagesExecutive Summary1. historical past Report2. Key Findings of part I Study3. Mandate, Scope, and agency of the Work4. Epoxy Asphalt: checking out and try out Results5. excessive functionality Cementitious fabric: checking out and try out Results6. functionality review and Extrapolation of Results7. destiny learn and testing8. development matters, financial facets and hazard Assessment9. part III Trials10. Findings, Conclusions and RecommendationsAppendix A-A1. Laboratory and box functionality Histories of usa and New Zealand Reference Materials-A2. brands' concepts for Acid-Cured Epoxy Asphalts-A3. tools for comparing Curing Characteristics-A4. Binder Rheological homes at distinction growing old Conditions-A5. blend PropertiesAppendix B. normal long term wishes in Pavement ResearchAppendix C. Laboratory try reviews released at the Joint delivery learn Centre WebsiteAnnex A. record of AbbreviationsAnnex B. checklist of operating crew contributors

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1. 5 15 120-135°C Ambient Ambient 130°C 130°C 130°C 125°C 130°C Moderate Rapid Moderate Rapid Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate 120-135°C 150°C *Samples provided by UK. 2 Reference materials The reference materials selected represent quality asphalt mix systems that have been extensively tested or have long performance histories available. Mix designs ranged from fine (Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)) to coarse aggregate gradations (Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)), and from low porosity to high for the open grade porous asphalt (OGPA) investigated by New Zealand.

As this indicative graph illustrates, if road administrations base their decisions only on minimising direct road administration costs, they would be likely to undertake road maintenance at times which impose higher costs on road users and result in less than optimal total project costs. 1. Engineering-economic approach to optimising road rehabilitation and maintenance Cost T=C+D: Total Cost C: Road Administration Cost P N D: Road User Cost M Road Condition M = Optimal road condition MN = Budget to sustain optimal road condition MP = Total cost to sustain optimal road condition Source: (OECD 1994).

Traffic growth rate: 1 or 2% pa. The economic analysis undertaken in Phase I showed that in certain circumstances there could be considerable economic benefit in developing new long life pavement wearing courses with the LONG LIFE SURFACES FOR BUSY ROADS – ISBN 978-92-821-0158-2 - © OECD/ITF, 2008 34 – KEY FINDINGS OF PHASE I STUDY appropriate performance characteristics. The detailed findings included in the Executive Summary of the Phase I report were as follows1: “From a cost viewpoint, long-life pavement surfacing costing around three times that of traditional wearing courses would be economically feasible for a range of high-traffic roads.

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