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Making Spirits: Materiality and Transcendence in by Diana Espirito Santo, Nico Tassi

By Diana Espirito Santo, Nico Tassi

Academic analyses of spiritual phenomena have frequently put an emphasis on ideals and ideologies and prioritized the certainty of non secular symbols over the fabric of symbolization. in the course of the ethnographic research of a number of modern spiritual types, Making Spirits questions the presumed separation of spirit and topic, and sheds mild at the relational dynamics among non secular and fabric domain names, at the mechanisms and methods wherein they 'make' one another. Such reciprocal interactions and differences among the religious and the fabric are obvious throughout spirit mediums, fetishes and formality items in Cuba, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Bolivia, Japan and imperative Africa. With new insights that problem the taken-for-granted different types of materiality and transcendence, factor and spirit, this ebook might be worthwhile for students in non secular experiences, comparative faith, anthropology and sociology.

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Further, having been once human beings themselves, deified precisely through such sustained devotional loops over centuries, the orichas provide ipso facto evidence of the efficacy of matter: not just in mediating between the imaginal and the actual in a symbolic sense, but in producing, in an ontological sense, one via the other and back again. As a worldwide movement ‘spiritism’ made and continues to make claims to scientific-derived thought, particularly European positivist definitions of spirituality that exclude ritualism or iconophilia (Allan Kardec (1804–69) was the father of modern spiritism; a Frenchman, he claimed that spiritism was not religion but science, morality and philosophy).

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