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Comparative Religion

Male Homosexualities and World Religions by P. Hurteau

By P. Hurteau

The curiosity of this publication lies on the very heart of a up to date deployment of gay liberation on a bigger scale. The reader may be in a position to know the way all the traditions studied articulates its personal regulatory mechanisms of male sexuality usually, and homosexuality.

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Shiva then becomes sexually aroused at the sight of her, and rapes her before the eyes of his wife Parvati, who looks down in shame. 237 Pretty much the same story is told in the Bhagavata Purana with Shiva being aware of the deception and returning to his senses after the act. 238 Difficult to say whether there is penetration as Mohini struggles, but Shiva grabs her hair and holds her in his arms, like the elephant bull copulating with its mate, says the text. Is it an anal or vaginal intercourse?

Arjuna/Brihanalla, the transvestite dancer and hero of the Mahabharata, is an emblematic figure for the hijras. As Arjuna/Brihanalla participated as a dancer at weddings and births in the court of King Virata, the hijras are called upon to perform rites and ceremonies of blessing, with songs and dances, in homes where a male child is born. 255 The ceremonial functions they perform have a direct relationship with their ambiguous sexuality. 256 Arjuna gives up his marriage to King Virata’s daughter but prepares her for her role as bride and mother.

One night, the goddess appeared to him in a dream, commanded him to cut off his genitals and dress as a woman. 253 They also rely on the Ramayana to support their lifestyle. According to their version of the text, when Rama left the kingdom of Ayodhya, his subjects decided to follow him out of solidarity, angry with King Dasaratha’s decision to send him into exile with Sita. Rama chose exile because the king had given in to pressure from his wife Kaikeyi who wanted her son Bharata to be crowned instead of Rama.

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