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Mars (DK Eyewitness Books) by Stuart Murray

By Stuart Murray

Study all approximately Earth's closest neighbor during this unparalleled advisor to the pink planet. together with up to date facts from NASA's ongoing explorations, this outstanding source tells the entire tale - from Mars' mystical importance in early cultures to the formidable destiny plans for manned-flight explorations.

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A prime objective is to find liquid water deep inside. MARSIS antenna boom Mars crust Possible water reservoir 56 Extended antenna Light blue areas show water ice Dark blue areas show carbon dioxide ice OMEGA FINDS WATER ICE -84 0 -84 0 -45 -45 45 -87 -90 90 -90 -135 -90 -135 135 90 -90 135 180 180 Red areas have no water ice 45 -87 Red areas have no water ice In March 2004, the Mars Express OMEGA spectrometer showed carbon dioxide ice, far left, and water ice, near right, at the south polar region.

Its wingspan is about 20 feet (6 m). Antenna Mast for camera and instruments Solar panel unfolded PHOENIX The Phoenix Lander, planned to reach Mars in 2008, will be the first in a line of smaller, less expensive “scout” missions in NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. It will be the first lander to return data directly from a polar region. Phoenix Lander was ready to go in 2001, but its program was canceled after the loss of Mars Polar Lander. NETLANDER ON MARS The NetLander mission will investigate the Martian interior and atmosphere.

Yet scientists believe the planet once had a milder climate, with rivers emptying into lakes and seas. Some Martian landforms could be from a watery era 3,500 million years ago. These landforms include ancient drainage networks that seem cut by flowing water. Also, Mars has deposits of soil and debris normally found at river mouths, and there are flat regions that could have been floors of now-vanished lakes or seas. Martian terrain is often similar to arid regions on Earth, such as Asian deserts that once had their own rushing rivers and streams.

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