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Me and My Shadow by Katie Macalister

By Katie Macalister

A Stalker From Hell could Northcott is a girl on the finish of her rope. She’d virtually gotten used to her agency, the ex-demon lord Magoth, spending his days putting round her domestic and interrupting her deepest moments along with her lover, Gabriel. Then difficulty seems to be on her doorstep within the kind of a virtually lifeless guy. With may possibly struggling with to regulate the dragon shard, Magoth wrangling to regain his place and powers, and a mysterious and lethal dragon bent on their destruction, Gabriel has his paintings reduce out for him. Now he’ll need to claw his approach via all of the distractions and persuade could that their love is robust adequate to beat all enemies.

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And that actually worries me. I would have thought that as soon as Bael tossed him out of Abaddon, he would have given Magoth back his powers in order to unleash him on the mortal world. But he hasn’t done anything, yet. ” “Well, you have bigger things to worry about than that,” Cyrene said with blithe indifference to the idea of a demon lord being free to run amok among the mortals. ” My gaze moved from her to the man in question. Although Kostya was Drake’s older brother, a weird quirk of genetics had left the two men wyverns of different septs .

He asked. I tried to sort through the emotions that swamped me, picking out those sensations that were native to me. “It’s the shard. ” Gabriel and Kostya exchanged glances; then both turned to look at a rocky outcropping that was about ten yards away. The rocks jutted out of the earth like angular, flinty fingers, softened over the centuries by moss and plants and the detritus of the forest around them. ” Gabriel asked Kostya. He nodded. ” “What do you mean, the lair? We found the lair already,” Cyrene said.

That’s not good,” Jim said, studying me. “You’re going to do the nasty with Magoth, aren’t you? Right out here in the open where Gabriel can see? Wait! Let me get out my cell phone. Ash is going to want pictures of this. . ” Magoth looked startled for a moment, then slipped into his normal suave, seductive persona. “I knew the day would come when you gave in and—” “Shut up,” I snarled, doubling over as I fought the transformation. ” she demanded to know, marching over to me. Doubled up as I was, all I could see was her feet.

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