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Mechanics of Advanced Functional Materials by Prof. Biao Wang (auth.)

By Prof. Biao Wang (auth.)

Mechanics of complex practical Materials emphasizes the coupling influence among the electrical and mechanical box within the piezoelectric, ferroelectric and different sensible fabrics. It additionally discusses the dimensions influence at the ferroelectric area instability and section transition behaviors utilizing the continuum micro-structural evolution versions. useful fabrics often have a really extensive program in engineering because of their certain thermal, electrical, magnetic, optoelectronic, etc., capabilities. just about all the functions call for that the cloth must have average stiffness, power, fracture durability and the opposite mechanical houses. in addition, often the strain and pressure fields at the useful fabrics and units have a few very important coupling impact at the performance of the fabrics. a lot growth has been made in regards to the coupling electrical and mechanical behaviors comparable to the coupled electrical and pressure box distribution in piezoelectric solids, ferroelectric area styles in ferroelectrics, fracture and failure homes lower than coupled electrical and tension box, and so forth.

The e-book is meant for researchers and postgraduate scholars within the fields of mechanics, fabrics sciences and utilized physics who're to paintings at the interdisciplinary mathematical modeling of the useful materials.

Prof. Biao Wang is the Dean of faculty of Physics and Engineering of the solar Yat-sen college, China.

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