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Methodologic challenges in chronic disease population by Prentice R.L.

By Prentice R.L.

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Then f(x) < f(s") if s < x < s". (2) Sincef(x) is continuous, there is an interval a< x < sin which f(x) < f(s"). Let s' be the greatest lower bound of the points a at the lower extremity of these intervals. Then s'

LP The limit functionf(x) has the value unity if xis rational and the value zero if x is irrational. The upper and lower Darboux integrals are respectively I and 0, whence f(x) has no Riemann integral. To be just to the Riemann integral, which has played so great a part in nineteenth-century analysis, it must be stated that it does possess a certain restricted continuity, in the sense that if the functions {fn{x)} are each integrable by Riemann's method, if the sequence {fn{x)} converges uniformly to the limit function f(x), and iff(x) is also integrable by Riemann's method, then b b J fn(x) dx ~ J f(x) dx a as n ~ oo.

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