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Midnight Embrace by Amanda Ashley

By Amanda Ashley

ANALISA...He whispers her identify, and it echoes again to him at the wings of the evening. She is so younger, so alive. She radiates heat and goodness, chasing the coldness from his being, banishing the loneliness from his soul. In 4 centuries of prowling, the shadows have introduced him few pleasures, however the nearness of her smooth lips, her hot throat, promise sweetness past imagining. She has wandered unchaperoned to the moonlit tomb the place he's taking shelter via day, little suspecting that along with his eyes on my own he can mesmerize her, compel her to do his bidding. but he'll no longer take her life's blood by means of strength or trickery. he'll have it as a present, freely given, and in alternate, he'll make her wildest goals come real.

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I have included a small amount of cash to cover your transportation and meals until you arrive. Your servant, Lord Alesandro de Avallone Master of Blackbriar Hall. Dr. Martinson withdrew a handful of currency and a few coins from the envelope and dropped them into her hands, then folded the letter and put it back in the envelope. "It seems you've found a benefactor," he remarked, handing her the envelope. She looked at the money in her hands, then up at the doctor. " "Not a thing, Analisa. Your bill has been paid for.

A short time later, the coach came to a halt. She heard a rap on the top of the coach and then the voice of the driver. "There's an inn ahead," he shouted, his voice muffled by the wind. " The thought of staying at an inn, surrounded by strangers, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, filled her with apprehension. " She drew the curtains over the windows, then huddled deeper into the lap robe, shivering now as the wind picked up, sneaking through whatever cracks it could find. Belatedly, it occurred to her that she would be among strangers and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed at Blackbriar Hall, too.

The voice of the stranger in the hospital. She paused in mid-flight and whirled around, expecting to see him standing in the hallway behind her. But no one was there. And then she heard it again. Analisa. She lifted a hand to her throat, troubled by a sudden image of the stranger bending over her, looking at her with the unblinking eyes of a wolf. Filled with a sudden unreasoning fear, she flew down the stairs and ran into the parlor. Lamps blazed with light; a fire crackled cheerfully in the hearth.

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