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Modern Approaches to the Study of Crustacea by Gabina Calderón-Rosete, Leonardo Rodríguez-Sosa, Hugo

By Gabina Calderón-Rosete, Leonardo Rodríguez-Sosa, Hugo Aréchiga (auth.), Elva Escobar-Briones, Fernando Alvarez (eds.)

"These lawsuits supply an outstanding assessment of a colourful neighborhood of scientists from South and Centarl the USA and an appreciation of the type of technological know-how being performed there. If this quantity allows linkage of those employees with related minded colleagues from different components of the area, then the ebook of those lawsuits can have been really worth it."
(Crustaceana 2003)

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This zone is believed to be ventilated with air when individuals of this species recirculate the water reservoir that they keep within the branchial chambers during emersion and, specially when this reservoir is being depleted by evaporation. 9 Figure 9. Semithin cross sections ofthe branchiostegite showing the spongy connective tissue containing large cells with lipid in· clusions (arrowheads); be, branchial chamber; c, cuticle. A: 125X. Figure 8. TEM ofa cross section ofthe branchiostegite showing some granulocytes (G).

Furthermore, GlycoPro and 32 This study provides the first report of polyclonal antisera produced against Vt ofAmericamysis (Mysidopsis) bahia, Lepidophthalmus louisianensis, Palaemonetes pugio, Procambarus clarkii, Rhithropanopeus harrisii, and Uca panacea. These par- ticular genera were selected either for their importance in estuarine food webs of the Gulf of Mexico (Felder and Griffis 1994) or because they are easily reared in controlled laboratory settings and much of their physiology has been previously reported (Celestial and McKenney Ir.

III. RESULTS The branchial chambers are delimited by an inner integument that is constituted of a single epithelium and a thin cuticle (Fig. 1). 78 mm thick, which is Branchiostegite ofChasmagnathus granulata formed by epicuticle, exocuticle and endocuticle. This epithelium lays on a thick basal lamina with a fine fibrillar appearance (Fig. 2). Adjacent epithelial cells are joined by zonulae adherens, septate desmosomes and gap junctions. Few but deep lateral membrane interdigitations and sometimes apical infoldings are also seen (Fig.

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