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Modern Astronomy: Expanding the Universe (Milestones in by Lisa Yount

By Lisa Yount

From Edwin Hubble to George Gamow to Geoffrey Marcy, this paintings illuminates the lives and achievements of those leading edge scientists. It bargains the readers with an realizing of the typical threads that intertwine the astronomers' lives; the political, fiscal, and social occasions in their instances; and the advancements that preceded their study.

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1-m) telescope at Mount Palomar dedicated and named Hale Telescope on June 3 Further Reading Books Wright, Helen. Explorer of the Universe: A Biography of George Ellery Hale. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1966. Detailed, definitive biography of Hale. 18 Modern Astronomy Articles Caltech Astronomy Department. ” Available online. edu/observatories/ palomar/history. Accessed on September 26, 2005. Time line extending from 1908 to 1947 describes the construction of the Mount Palomar Observatory and 200-inch Hale telescope, with some information about the Mount Wilson Observatory as well.

In spring 1914, he asked one of his former professors at the University of Chicago to help him return to the GALAXIES GALORE 21 university as a graduate student. The professor obtained a scholarship for him at Yerkes Observatory, which George Ellery Hale had founded for the university in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. ” Nebulae were smudges of light in the night sky that did not move or change their appearance over time. Studies in the late 19th century had revealed that some nebulae were clouds of hot gas, but the nature of others, called spiral nebulae because of their shape as seen through large telescopes, was less clear.

For many years, Mount Wilson was considered the best solar observatory in the world. In 2006, the observatory is still keeping the longest continuously running record of the Sun’s activity. The Mount Wilson Observatory soon attracted astronomers who studied the night sky as well. 5-m) primary mirror. This telescope was named after John D. Hooker, a Los Angeles businessman whom Hale, with his usual skill, had persuaded to donate the money for the mirror; the Carnegie Institution paid for the telescope itself.

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