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Modern Electronic Test Equipment by Keith Brindley

By Keith Brindley

Considerably revised to include alterations on this planet of try apparatus, this e-book brings jointly the types of tools together with new advancements resembling time area reflectometers, automated attempt gear and software buses, relatively VXIbus. the second one a part of the textual content discusses suggestions and strategies of dimension, with no worrying with person tools

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12 A bench power supply (RS Components Ltd) 4 Oscilloscopes Strictly speaking, an oscilloscope is any device that can display waveforms. The term 'oscilloscope' is derived from the Latin word osciJ1are, meaning to swing backwards and forwards, and the Greek skopein, meaning to observe, aim at, examine. A number of electronic test instruments have this capability: XY plotters and pen recorders are two examples. However, the term has come to be used in a general way to refer to the particular type of test instrument covered in this chapter.

4 Block diagramofa successive approximation analog-to-digital converter Analog input ~ Comparator 0- - Control block - Register Bit Bit 1 2 Bit N IF ! I I I Digital-toanalog converter ----0 ----0 Digital output 34 Digital meters on timed samples to function) as part of normal circuit operation. In essence, the digital output of the converter is reconverted back to analog by the digital-to-analog converter, then compared with the analog input voltage by a comparator. The comparator output is logic 1 if the analog input signal is greater than the digital-to-analog converted signal, but logic o if the converted signal is larger than the analog signal.

However, the term has come to be used in a general way to refer to the particular type of test instrument covered in this chapter. Some other test instruments which display waveforms and thus qualify for inclusion into the category are covered in other chapters. After all kinds of analog and digital meters the oscilloscope is the next most common laboratory test instrument. , what the oscilloscope displays is actually occurring in the circuit. I'm sure myoId university lecturer wouldn't object if I bring to mind his belief that he knew when a student was getting the hang of electronics as a subject when the first test instrument used to study a circuit was the oscilloscope.

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