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Atomic Nuclear Physics

Molecular Dynamics (Lecture Notes in Physics) by William G. Hoover

By William G. Hoover

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An unexpected detection of lymphocytes with multiple chromosome aberrations in the blood of two spacemen after 6 months in [21] and similar results obtained by Obe et al. [17], regenerated interest in radiation genesis of MAC. These researchers suggested that multiple chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes of astronauts were induced by high-energy heavy particles of cosmic radiation. Present results are obtained in the course of 10-year investigation of cytogenetic effects induced by low doses of irradiation.

1 mGylh), the same may be stated with respect to reproductive effects. 4 Gy/year) dose rate or higher [7, 8]. 0 Sv/year irradiation doses may be expected. They may produce real radiobiological effects on spacemen as well as on microorganisms, plants and animals forming biocenosis of a spacecraft. In this study the results of cytogenetic examinations of spacemen participated in space flights at the MIR station and ISS are compared with analysis results of cytogenetic effects in human beings exposed to irradiation in different radiation situations on the Earth.

6. An assessment of possible genetic and carcinogenic irradiation-induced consequences may be made for various groups of irradiated persons basing on doses accumulated in them and calculated with the help of biological dosimetry methods. REFERENCES 1. United Nations. Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation. 4, 2000, United Nations, New York. 2. , Biological Effects ofHigh-Energy Protons, Ed. G. Grigoryev, 1967, Moscow, Atomizdat, pp. 8- 21. (Rus) 3. Bender MA, Awa AA, Brooks AL. , Mutat. , 1988, vol.

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