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Atomic Nuclear Physics

Molecular Spectroscopy Vol. 4 by Richard Frank Barrow; Derek Albert Long; J Sheridan

By Richard Frank Barrow; Derek Albert Long; J Sheridan

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P. Weber, Cunud. J. , 1974,52,942. Andresen and H. , 1974,29a, 797. 589 kcal mol-l obtained using the rigid toprigid frame model with ground-state data. derivatives of acetaldehyde, many members of which series have been studied in the past. Structures of acetyl fluoride and acetyl iodide have been derived lE0 using a combination of average distances obtained from electron diffraction and the spectroscopic moments of inertia. 176 kcal mol-l, some 10% less than an earlier estimate. CHS, has been measured lal in the pyrolysis products of 1,3,5-trimethyltrithian.

5" away from the ethylenic double bond. (iii) Molecules with Internal Rotation of one X Y 3 Group with respect to a Planar 'Frame', X lying in the Plane of the Frame. The simplest cases are those in which the frame is a diatomic group; in others further atoms are included in the planar frame. Diatomic frames are exemplified by methanol and its fully fluorinated derivative, trifluoromethyl hypofluorite. Lines of H313COHhave been measured 177 and assigned between 15 and 189 GHz, mostly with a view to astrophysical studies.

J . tovas, F. 0. Clark, and E. Tiemann, J. Chem. , 1975, 62, 1925. A. Bauer and M. Godon, Cunud. J. , 1975,53, 1154. 22 Molecular Spectroscopy species, concern the first excited- levels (v4) of the H3C-C or H,C-N stretching modes near 930cm-l. Effects attributed to a resonance between v4 and 3v8 are noted in the isocyanide. 262(10) D by conventional MW methods, involving both first- and second-order Stark effects; corrections to cell-calibrations by second-order measurements, when studying first-order displacements, are discussed.

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