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Great Britain

Monarchy and Revolution: The English State in the 1680s by J. R. Western

By J. R. Western

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London Urban Legends: The Corpse on the Tube and Other Stories

How lengthy has a corpse been staring out at passengers at the tube? was once London Bridge particularly shipped out of the country by way of an American considering he'd acquired Tower Bridge? Did the Queen rather combine with the crowds as a princess on VE Day? And did Hitler truly are looking to reside in Balham? city legends are the humorous, anxious and fierce folklore humans percentage.

Twentieth-Century Diplomacy: A Case Study of British Practice, 1963-1976

Unlike so much works of overseas heritage, which stay on specific relationships, innovations, wars or crises, the questions during this publication are approximately how international relations was once truly carried out. The interval 1963-76 observed major alterations in diplomatic perform globally. It used to be relatively a time of switch for Britain because the state negotiated its declining international strength and joined the ecu group and financial difficulties compelled spending cuts.

Tudor Rebellions: Revised 5th Edition (5th Edition)

The Tudor age was once a tumultuous one – a time of the Reformation, conspiracies, uprisings and rebellions. The Tudor Rebellions supplies a chronological run-down of the foremost rebellions and throws mild on a number of the major subject matters of Tudor heritage, together with the dynasty’s try and carry the north and west less than the keep watch over of the capital, the growth of the English Reformation and the effect of inflation, taxation and enclosure on society.

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For Yarmouth's and Halifax's views see De Beer's article just cited. & Grey, vol. vii, pp. 402, 450-l. 8 Grey, vol. vii, pp. 243, 313; vol. viii, pp. 318, 403, 408. 7 Grey, vol. viii, p. 339. EXCLUSION IMPRACTICABLE 41 So 'exclusion' would bring just the evils that the whigs expected from 'limitation' . What is striking is that the whigs did not really disagree. ' Colonel Birch thought 'we have no great reason to doubt' the danger of civil war.! An intelligent whig pamphlet of 1681 could only say 'if there must be a war, let it be under the authority of law; let it be against a banished excluded pretender'.

Though victoriously fought in 'defence of the people's own rights ... yet could they never reap the least advantage in the world by it; but went from one tyranny to another'. 5 The bulk of the whigs abhored even 'limitations' as republican in theory and incapable of limiting a popish king in practice. They certainly resembled the paper constitutions of the Interregnum in dividing and weakening authority and so inviting overthrow by anyone who could get military backing. 'If you provide thus against the Duke of York, you take away all royal power and make the government a commonwealth,' said Vaughan in the commons.

E para. 135. 4 24 . KING OR PARLIAMENT? 1 It followed that unlimited political power could not be rightfully attained by conquest. But likewise a rightful legislature, though its enactments superseded the unwritten law of nature, could not be 'absolutely arbitrary over the lives and fortunes of the people'. s It could not take away any man's property without his own consent, though Locke regarded taxation by a representative assembly as conforming to this principle. 5 This was the only way in which independent 'umpirage ...

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