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Morning Light by Catherine Anderson

By Catherine Anderson

A new modern sequence from the hot York instances bestselling writer whose novels are: Born with moment sight, Loni MacEwen needs to warn the good-looking rancher Clint Harrigan that his son is in danger-except he does not actually have a son. Then the drama Loni estimated unfolds at the information: an orphaned boy is misplaced within the desert. As Loni and Clint assist in the quest for the boy, they start to shape a bond in their own...

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When he stopped petting Hannah, the dog leaned happily against his leg. ” Though Loni knew nothing about the area Trevor was in, she’d already reached the same conclusion. “Looking on the bright side, Nana kept him from freezing to death last night. He also has two packs with him. I assume they must have washed up on the riverbank after the raft capsized. ” “Yes. Especially since he’s sharing with Nana, who’s as ravenous as he is. ” “My visions don’t come with the time and date blinking in one corner, Mr.

Clint chuckled. He could always count on Hooter to make him laugh. ” “I reckon so,” Clint replied. Only one thing still bothered Clint about Loni MacEwen’s strange visit last night: How the hell had she known where to find him? Maybe she’d waited out in the supermarket parking lot yesterday afternoon to get his license plate number. People could cross-reference information like that on the Internet if they had the right software. He’d seen a dark-haired woman sitting in a Suburban parked near his vehicle.

At least he heard you out before showing you the door. ” Loni swallowed hard. A burning sensation washed over her eyes. “Why did God give me this gift if no one but me believes in it? ” “I believe in it,” Deirdre reminded her. “Don’t take it so hard. ” “I just wanted…” Loni braced an elbow against her door to cup a hand over her eyes. “Trevor’s out there, and he needs help. Clint Harrigan is the only person who can save him. God. I can’t do this. ” “Don’t let it hurt. You’ve done your part. ” “Don’t call him that.

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