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Science Studies

Movers and Makers: Movers and Makers How Animals Build and by Robin Koontz

By Robin Koontz

This sequence explains the behaviors, diversifications, and features of numerous life-forms in several environments.

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One nest can house hundreds of birds. Other animals might take advantage of any extra chambers, and some birds nest on top of the structure. The well-insulated nest stays warm on cold nights and cool on hot days. Throughout the year the birds work together to maintain the gigantic structure. Living Shelters There is an even bigger communal house that animals create by making use of their bodies. A coral reef is a collection of animals that live on the dead remains of their ancestors. Corals are 38 A colorfu l coral reef is a sign of a healthy o cean.

Ho decorate his The male bowerbird can out-decorate the hammerhead stork. This bird, from Australia and New Guinea, creates an elaborate structure called a bower to attract a mate. Each has its own design. The structure might be a wide arch made of sticks, moss, and leaves. The bowerbird may set up a tall, decorated pole. Once the foundation is built, the bird decorates the bower with whatever cool trinkets he can find. He will use things like berries, flowers, feathers, and fruit. Some bowerbirds seem especially fond of human-made objects, such as coins and silverware.

Prairie dogs also live in huge, underground communities called prairie dog towns. They do not have a single queen like naked mole rats do. There are lots of nurseries, sleeping chambers, and toilet rooms in their towns. Other animals might live in the burrows with them, such as snakes and burrowing owls. 33 These two naked mole ra ts need to decide who gets to back out! J ite A term d’s n mou ents v tower o help t the l o contr rature tempe . inside ust about all animals have a special place they call home.

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