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n+1, Issue 1: Negation (Summer 2004)

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n+1 is a brand new York–based American literary journal that publishes social feedback, political observation, essays, artwork, poetry, booklet reports, and brief fiction. it truly is released 3 times every year, and content material is released on its site numerous occasions every one week. each one print factor averages round 2 hundred pages in length.


This add is a part of an ongoing venture. I'm engaged on making .pdfs of each factor that's been published. the web site doesn't have the articles to be had as .pdfs, so I'm making those from scratch.


Read this journal when you like: leftist politics and whatever literary.


Issue One - Negation, summer time 2004: 148 pgs

“It is time to assert what you mean.” Raids at the cultural norm. opposed to workout. Fiction by way of Sam Lipsyte and Benjamin Kunkel. Keith Gessen at the schooling of Gary Baum.


Please allow me recognize while you're attracted to having me proceed this venture. The extra aid i am getting, the extra encouraged I'll consider completing this.

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The original US strategy was to conquer Baghdad by making raids from stable bases outside the city, using the relatively small forces of the 101st and 82nd Airborne and the special forces, backed with every kind of firepower and support imaginable. This would have been like Mogadishu. Perhaps as late as April, official war plans called for these troops, who are transported in Black Hawks and closely supported by Apache attack helicopters, to strike into Iraq’s capital city and fight in the neighborhoods day by day, in raids of attack and withdrawal.

A flash of eyes above a veil, a gesture of the hand, the sound of a woman’s laughter are all signs to be ferociously interpreted by men who, pleasure-starved themselves, seek out signs of enjoyment in order to punish it. A mixed party can be broken up by “morality police,” the women hauled off to jail and treated like prostitutes. Just as Humbert wishes Lolita to remain daddy’s little girl, the fantasy Muslim family of chaste obedient wives and daughters and strict surveying husbands and fathers has become the basis of Iranian political order.

Bahri, more intelligently wishes for a great Iranian national writer to rival Mark Twain but settles for spying on women students to make sure they behave properly. The women become much better readers than the men because they have to make sense of what’s happened to them. Less concerned with moral judgments about art works, they learn to make use of the novels they read to articulate their position in Iranian society. Their response to Lolita seems strange at first. ” There is very little of the character Lolita that appears except through the filter of Humbert’s impassioned apology.

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