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n+1, Issue 10: Self-Improvement (Fall 2010)

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n+1 is a brand new York–based American literary journal that publishes social feedback, political remark, essays, paintings, poetry, booklet experiences, and brief fiction. it truly is released 3 times every year, and content material is released on its site a number of occasions every one week. every one print factor averages round 2 hundred pages in length.


This add is a part of my ongoing venture. I'm engaged on making .pdfs of each factor that's been published. the web site doesn't have the articles on hand as .pdfs, so I'm making those from scratch.


Read this journal when you like: leftist politics and whatever literary.


Issue Ten -Self-Improvement, Fall 2010: 162 pages

MFA vs. NYC, the loads vs. the elites, the racists vs. the progressives, the vegans vs. the fetuses, California vs. the realm. Franzen’s Freedom or dying! Sheila Heti: How may still anyone Be?

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Oh my God, I’m so totally not having a painting crisis! Just ’cause I don’t automatically have respect for paintings. But Sholem does! He’s so reverent: Oh, it’s a painting! Well, so what? Frankly, I’m surprised by his total interest in it. SHEILA But that’s natural, isn’t it, for someone who’s a painter to be interested in paintings? MARGAUX I’m interested in meaning, not paintings. Paintings can be pretty meaningless, you know. Like, we’re insane! I want to create complete meaning that’s even better than political meaning!

There is no way to accomplish what I feel I must accomplish with this play. There is no way in heaven or on earth! I am the wrong person to do it. Look at the shitty red hoodie I am sitting here in. Look at my dirty running shoes. I have such small breasts. God, shouldn’t you call upon a woman with great big knockers, who the people will listen to? Why do you call on me, who doesn’t have the cleavage to capture the world’s attention? Ask my sister instead of me, whose big breasts are much more suited to doing your work.

I am writing a play that is going to save the world. If it only saves three people, I will not be happy. If with this play the oil crisis is merely averted and our standard of living maintains itself at its current levels, I will weep into my oatmeal. If this play does anything short of announcing the arrival of the next cock — I mean, messiah — I will shit into my oatmeal. Who among us will be asked to lead the people out of bondage, only to say, God, I have never been a good talker. Ask someone else.

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