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Night of the Daemon by Aaron Rosenberg

By Aaron Rosenberg

After their adventures in "Day of the Daemon", Alaric and Dietz head south to the Border Princes, the wild, lawless land south of the Empire. Narrowly escaping the clutches of a liche lord, their quest leads them to a fortress filled with Chaos cultists. opposed to such very unlikely odds, how can our heroes and their new best friend get in to defeat the daemon this time?

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Haas’ eyes narrowed. ” Haas studied him for a moment, and then turned his gaze on Dietz. ” “No one,” Dietz answered honestly. He didn’t see any reason to tell Haas about the map, or about their reasons for investigating it. ” Haas demanded. “I’ll have you know we were here to remove—” Alaric began, but Dietz cut him off. “No trouble,” he assured the commander. ” Haas locked gazes with him for a moment, and then nodded. ” The faint upward curve to his mouth indicated that he might in fact be joking, although Dietz decided not to chance it.

Even so,” Adelrich replied, “you faced a daemon, a true daemon, and survived! ” He took the almost empty wineskin from Dietz. ” With that, the scout hoisted the wineskin in salute. He took a quick sip before handing it to Alaric, who sipped as well before giving it back to Dietz. ” Alaric asked, trying to change the subject. He had not seen the Middenheim army sergeant since they’d arrived and was curious as to why. They all owed their lives to Holst and his men several times over after the hunt for the Chaos statues.

Dietz interrupted. He wasn’t in the mood to hear ancient history. “Fairly certain, yes,” Alaric admitted. “It makes sense. The Border Princes have been held by many different civilisations, including both the Nehekharans and the Arabyans. ” He paused, waiting, and finally Dietz sighed. ” he asked, knowing his friend had been waiting for just that question. ” Alaric’s eyes lit with excitement. He was a good enough fellow, and an excellent companion and employer, but he got far too worked up over musty old details that no one but scholars would ever care to hear.

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