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NightWind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

By Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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Beth asked, flinching. ” 35 NightWind 1st Book: HellWind Trilogy “She nearly bled to death before she got to the phone. ” Louvenia dabbed at her dry eyes with an equally dry handkerchief. ” Lauren asked. Beth sneered at her. ” “This sort of thing just doesn’t happen in Milton,” Louvenia said, shaking her head. ” “Brutality doesn’t abide by city limit signs,” Beth argued. “Just the thought of that sweet girl suffering so makes my heart ache for her,” said Louvenia. ” Beth remarked. ” “Oh, dear,” Louvenia whimpered.

It has been brought to my attention,” the bitch had told Louvenia Sunday afternoon, “that there has been more than one instance of employees not getting along in that store, Louvenia. ” “There’s been only one employee who has caused any 60 NightWind 1st Book: HellWind Trilogy trouble, Mrs. Hellstrom,” Louvenia had told her. “And I would imagine the main instigator in any situations that have occurred was Beth Janacek,” the Hellstrom tart had snapped. “She was a hateful little child, spoiled rotten by her parents, and she has become a spiteful grown woman with no regard for any one other than herself.

She turned to her guest. “Beth didn’t like me before all this happened. ” Angeline stood and smoothed the fabric of her skirt. “Don’t give it another thought. ” Lauren got to her feet. “I appreciate this, Mrs. Hellstrom. ” Angeline reached out and put her palm on Lauren’s cheek. “My dear, you are very special, do you know that? ” Lauren’s face showed her surprise. ” Angeline lowered her voice. ” Lauren gasped. The smile that passed over Angeline’s face was gentle. ” Something strange flickered in the older woman’s eyes.

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