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No Regrets: Three Discussions by n+1

By n+1

This isn't the retail e-book. I scanned my replica of this ebook myself.


A follow-up to n+1's 2007 pamphlet What we should always Have recognized, No Regrets talks to 12 writers, editors, lecturers, and artists approximately existence and analyzing of their early twenties.

Featuring Elif Batuman, Carla Blumenkranz, Kristin Dombek, Emily Gould, Elizabeth Gumport, Amanda Katz, Sara Marcus, sunrise Lundy Martin, Sarah Resnick, Namara Smith, Astra Taylor, and Emily Witt. Edited through Dayna Tortorici.

Praise for No Regrets:

"At as soon as intimate and erudite" —NPR

"I enjoyed No Regrets." —Mimi Dwyer, the recent Republic

"A interesting exploration of the improvement of lady readers, from their disillusionment with manly canonical works to their discovery of books that talk to a feminine adventure and towards a sophisticated realizing of ways either sexist and feminist works have prompted their view of the world." —Slate

"If No Regrets makes all of it correct for even one younger girl to confess that Kerouac provides her a headache, it’s doing the Lord’s work." —Sady Doyle, In those Times

From the book:

“I had a significant overwhelm on a man who stated that Sexus, Plexus, and Nexus have been the simplest books ever, so I went to a book shop, they usually have been too dear, so I simply received Sexus and Plexus.”

"One lesson i will proportion from existence is that you can allow sure issues cross unattended to—prioritize and enable your self be, for instance, messy. The paintings is extra vital than the soiled dishes."

Published December 2013

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And at some point in college, I subscribed to the NYRB and read every article. I didn't know how to skip anything. CARLA BLUMENKRANZ: 47 No Regrets DAYNA TORTORICI: Did you have this problem with classes, too? I learned too late in college that you don't have to read everything you're assigned. You can actually put first what's important to you. EMILY GOULD: It turns out real life is like that, too. I guess what I'm saying is that it took me a really long time to realize that I didn't have to be a jihadist with everything I did.

EM I LY WITT: It took me a long time to admit to myself that I wanted to be a writer, well after college, and I've never wanted to write fiction. So the books that made me want to start writing were after college, when I started reading Joan Didion. I read The New Journalism anthology edited by Tom Wolfe. And Ryszard Kapuscinski. 45 No Regrets Did you stumble onto them, or did you know you wanted to write this way and people told you, "Well, then you should read this stuff"? DAYNA TORTORICI: My dad's a journalist, so in my house it was always like ...

I've made my life about reading things like that. But I think without that book, I'd have never had it in my head that I could write anything. I Love Dick; Roth; A pile of Kleenex DAYNA TORTORICI: Did anything particular open up a new world of books or ideas for you? The book thatdid it for me was/ Love Dick. I didn't read it until 2009, and it absolutely changed my life. For many reasons that is the book that changed my life, not in terms of being a writer in any way, but EMILY GOULD: 49 No Regrets in terms of being a human being and living my life as a mostly heterosexual woman.

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